From Pool to Table

“Farm-to-table.” Lately, the term has been thrown around ad nauseam. But before we knock it as a passing trend or bougie fad, it’s important to recognize how important the movement actually is. The farm-to-table movement began in California in the 1970s and capitalized on fresh, locally grown produce that was in season. Chefs would take […]

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Our Fish Don’t Associate with Bottom Feeders

Often people are judged for the company they keep, and it is the same with fish. Ideal Fish do not associate with bottom feeders, often filled with PCBs and other toxins that can ruin peoples’ digestive systems, circulatory systems, and more. Likewise, Ideal Fish also do not consort with sea farmed fish, who leach their […]

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Blue Is The New Green

Blue is the new green in farm-to-fork protein-rich fish. Many folks who want to eat ‘clean’ will begin to incorporate fish into their diet. While it’s a way to meet a daily protein allowance, consuming wild-caught fish isn’t exactly what we’d call clean eating. Wild-caught fish are full of mercury, toxins, microplastics, and other elements […]

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