All Things in Balance

Ideal Fish Smoked Salmon

The secret to Ideal Fish’s smoked salmon and smoked branzino

Smoking fish, when done right, is about harmony. The goal is to find that perfect balance between the salt, the smoke and the taste of the fish. Everything else is secondary.

It’s the approach we take at Ideal Fish with both our smoked branzino and smoked salmon and the approach is meeting with rave reviews.

Ideal Fish Local Applewood Smoking Logs
Local Applewood Smoking Logs

We start with the purest fish. Our salmon and branzino are both raised in recirculating aquaculture environments meaning that they are not exposed to any of the contaminants that open water farm-raised or wild caught fish may be.

Then we use as few ingredients as possible to allow the flavor of the fish to be the star. We use a little bit of sugar, dill and citrus, but these are what we call “invisible ingredients” and they serve to enhance the balance of the overall flavor.

We even select the wood we use to help enhance the flavor of the fish. We use two different types of wood — the aging barrels from a local whiskey distillery and applewood from local orchards here in Connecticut. They combine to provide phenomenal flavor accents during the hot smoking process.

The result is a perfectly balanced smoked fish where the flavor of the fish is enhanced, not masked or overpowered by the other ingredients.

Why Smoked Fish?

Whiskey Barrel Smoking Logs
Whiskey Barrel Smoking Logs

In addition to our popular Branzino fillets and whole fish and now salmon, we felt it was important to include value-added products like smoked fish in our offerings for a number of reasons. But at its heart it’s about what consumers are asking for and how they’re eating today, and smoked fish answers a few different consumer trends we’re seeing.

The first trend is convenience. The product is basically prepared for you. Heat it (or not) and enjoy. And now that we’re offering direct-to-home delivery, nothing could be more convenient.

Versatility is also important to families. Smoked fish can be served so many ways. Eat it as is, with eggs, in a salad, as an hors d’oeuvre, as a dip or at the center of the plate. There is a smoked fish preparation that is appropriate at literally any meal (or snacking occasion) of the day.

And third, we’re seeing some consumers becoming more adventurous. While smoked fish has long been a staple for many of us, for those who don’t typically cook fish at home, it is a simple, risk-fee introduction to preparing fish and exploring different flavors and recipes. This is especially true for a younger audience who we see are willing to try different foods and seeking new flavors.

You might say that our smoked fish products offer the perfect balance of convenience, versatility and adventure. Try some today — we’ll ship it straight to your door.

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