Blue Is The New Green

Blue is the new green in farm-to-fork protein-rich fish.

Many folks who want to eat ‘clean’ will begin to incorporate fish into their diet. While it’s a way to meet a daily protein allowance, consuming wild-caught fish isn’t exactly what we’d call clean eating. Wild-caught fish are full of mercury, toxins, microplastics, and other elements detrimental to humans in the long run. Not to mention, they are a strain on sustainability and the environment, and the large carbon footprint makes eating fish a liability for society as a whole.

So what makes Ideal Fish different? Well, our protein-laden fish are raised in a controlled environment with zero influence from the outside world. In this closed system, we can carefully control the fish’s entire life cycle and ditch the worry of toxins and environmental influences that muddy the idea of clean eating.

What does this have to do with going green? Great question!

‘Going green’ is something we’ve heard about for years, with folks recognizing the environmental impact on their food choices. And now, experts assert that blue is the new green. So what does eating blue mean? “Blue” is considered anything grown aquatically. Eating blue is becoming more and more critical to feed the overwhelming population of the world because it gives consumers a credible protein source, and creates sustainably-grown food options. Currently, over 3 billion people around the globe eat wild-caught and farmed fish as their leading source of protein. Clearly, fish consumption has a huge environmental impact.

At Ideal Fish, we take “blue” to a new level by using RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) Technology to raise fish in a closed, clean system rather than catching them in the wild or creating sea farms. This yields a fresh, unblemished blue and green product which not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions or create other negative ecological impacts. And we convert fish waste into fertilizer to help support local farmers.

So how does this system work? The fish are grown in a highly structured environment that leaves nothing to chance. Fresh water and fish food are added to the tanks, and the fish are monitored carefully for temperature and temperament as they grow. Our farm-to-fork protein-rich fish require less water to grow because the filtration system allows the water to be reused, rather than continually needing new water. These low water requirements make it easier to feed people with a viable protein, especially in places where water is scarce

Our system lets nothing go to waste. Any cuts of the harvested fish that are not fit for human consumption are used to produce quality kosher fish broth and organic pet food. Additionally, the excess waste from the fish is sent to local farmers to provide an organic material rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, which is used to fertilize nearby fields. Our company, therefore, empties 0% of solid waste into the environment. This commitment to maintaining a low impact on the environment is fundamental to us as we work to make blue the new green.

Don’t let your choices be part of the problem for your health or the health of the planet. At Ideal Fish, we are ranked in the top 5% globally regarding our care for the environment. We raise our Fish to be hormone-free, mercury-free, Non-GMO, and without the trace microplastics usually found in wild-caught fish.

Make the ideal choice for your family and your well-being while at the same time taking care of the planet. Ideal Fish takes great pride in creating a clean, tasteful fish for your enjoyment while at the same time improving the health of its customers and the health of the planet.



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