From Pool to Table

“Farm-to-table.” Lately, the term has been thrown around ad nauseam. But before we knock it as a passing trend or bougie fad, it’s important to recognize how important the movement actually is. The farm-to-table movement began in California in the 1970s and capitalized on fresh, locally grown produce that was in season. Chefs would take the best from farmer’s markets for their dishes. That way, food is fresher, cleaner supports local business, and you always know where it comes from.

Just as the farm-to-table movement has revolutionized eating fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, the tank-to-table movement has transformed the way people consume their fish. Fish farmers use the same concept to deliver clean, toxin-free fish straight to your door in the tank-to-table motif. That way, you know exactly where your fish has been. Along with no surprises, there are no hormones, no genetically modified organisms, no microplastics, and no mercury. These fish are sustainably raised, which means a healthier product for both you and the environment.

Americans are only recently starting to understand the RAS method, but there’s no doubt that it will gain traction. Catching wild fish and fish farming aren’t clean methods for fish consumption. Beyond that, fish raised in controlled environments just taste better. Notable chefs, including Annie Pettry from Top Chef and noted chef Hari Pulapaka agree and are going so far as to fight for sustainably raised fish for their flavor and impact.

Tank-to-table methods also help feed a protein-rich diet to hungry people. Not everyone has access to healthy, fresh proteins from a local farm; however, sustainable farms can be created in warehouses far from water sources. This is also the perfect method for land-locked areas or so-called “food deserts.” The other great news about this type of sustainable aqua farming is that because the water is filtered and maintained within the system, the system uses a small amount of water, so this farming method is a champion of conservation.

Since 2013, Ideal Fish has used cutting-edge technology in their state-of-the-art facility to bring tasty, healthful food without the worry of chemicals, hormones, or microplastics. Salmon, branzino, barramundi, and rainbow trout are grown in warehouses without pathogens or contact from the outside world. This means that the fish that arrives on your doorstep is clean, fresh, delicious, nutritious, and healthy.



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