Our Fish Don’t Associate with Bottom Feeders

Often people are judged for the company they keep, and it is the same with fish. Ideal Fish do not associate with bottom feeders, often filled with PCBs and other toxins that can ruin peoples’ digestive systems, circulatory systems, and more. Likewise, Ideal Fish also do not consort with sea farmed fish, who leach their waste products into the oceans and are often ravaged by diseases.

The misconception that wild-caught fish is the healthiest way to eat fish is wrong. National Geographic reports that 8 million tons of plastic waste find their way into the oceans from coastal towns, and some of this plastic can take up to 400 years to be eradicated. Fish from the ocean are also filled with polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs. These extremely virulent chemicals are slow to break down and prove damaging to the nervous, circulatory, immune, endocrine, and digestive systems. There is no way to ascertain for sure the pedigree of a wild-caught fish, and the risk of PCBs and other toxins is just not worth it.

Sea farmed fish are not much better. What started as a viable way to solve overfishing, pollution from fishing vessels, and lack of sustainability in wild fishing has snowballed and is actually polluting oceans even more. The cure, it seems, is worse than the disease. This process of sea farming often creates farmed fish filled with deadly parasites and diseases. The extensive waste products generated from the farms can irrevocably harm the ocean areas where the farm is located. In an unexpected twist, farmed fish also create the overfishing of wild fish to feed them to the carnivorous farmed fish.

So what is the best way to consume fish?

Our solution involves RAS technology. RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) technology creates a closed system inside a warehouse that grows clean fish that are mercury-free, hormone-free, GMO-free, chemical-free, and free from the microplastics that invade the ocean’s wild fish. The tanks contain water and fish food and are monitored to regulate water and air temperature. The fish tanks filter the water themselves, and the fish excrement is used as fertilizer at local farms, so there is very little waste. Ideal Fish is ranked in the top 5% globally regarding how their practices ensure the care for the environment—clean, fresh, healthy, local fish.

We take great care in producing salmon, barramundi, rainbow trout, and branzino in their saltwater tanks and then rush the fish straight to your door as soon as humanly possible. When you order Ideal Fish, you are sustainably ordering tasty, clean fish. Stick with us and avoid bottom feeders!



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