Andy Russell

Chief Operating Officer

Andy Russell

Chief Operating Officer

Dreaming big has always been an integral part of Andy Russell’s spirit, greatly inspired by his father, a Holocaust survivor who came to the US in the 40s. As a child, his plan ranged from being a Major League baseball player to studying nuclear physics. Whip-smart, he was the first in his family to attend college and studied mechanical and aerospace engineering while attending Princeton University.

Naturally gifted, it’s no surprise that Andy took his first position out of college with Procter & Gamble. He then helped build Pepsi-Cola’s largest sales, distribution and manufacturing facility in New Jersey and has participated in major product launches including Liquid Tide and Aquafina water. Andy finally leveraged his brand experience to lead an international marketing agency in new York and London.

With a hunger to apply his ingenuity to growing companies, Andy was invited to be a consultant with Ideal Fish and came on board permanently last year. His unique background allows him to wear many hats in the company, borrowing from his engineering background and his talent for marketing and design.

As Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer, Andy knows that Ideal Fish is poised to revitalize the local community with employment opportunities. Andy wants to ensure that all the stakeholders, ranging from customers to employees to investors, feel heard as he champions responsible excellence in the aquaculture industry.

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