Eric Pedersen

President & Founder

Eric Pedersen

President & Founder

Eric is a natural leader and pioneer with a life mission that sits at the intersection of his entrepreneurial expertise and a deep love and respect for our oceans.

Since he was a boy, water has drawn him in like a magnet, spending much of his youth fishing and sailing on the Chesapeake Bay with his family. In fact, in response to the question, “What are your hopes for the future?” asked to his graduating class for his high school yearbook, his response was simply, “the oceans.”

Before Eric conceived Ideal Fish, a history-changing idea projected to revolutionize the way Americans consume seafood, he attended Princeton University. Upon graduation, he got his MBA and started a decade-long career on Wall Street. Eric thrived in the competitive and entrepreneurial world of finance. After Wall Street, Eric moved to Connecticut and began focusing on running development-stage companies in water filtration, concurrently helping GE build their water filtration business honing in on water rights.

Always an innovator, Eric began Ideal Fish by creating a recirculating system in his basement using DIY materials, raising branzino from fingerling to market size. Using his finance background and experience in water filtration, Eric was able to take on the challenge of starting a business. He raised money and fully understood what it would take to make Ideal Fish a successful, sustainable commercial strategy to promote ocean preservation and provide high-quality seafood to Americans.

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