Houston Blackwell

Head of Sales

Houston Blackwell

Head of Sales

Always a go-getter, Houston sees opportunity around every corner. Shaped by his early experiences on the water, he spent much of his childhood in Connecticut accompanying his father on fishing trips and loved learning about aquatic life. It wasn’t long before that passion translated into a career.

Even at 15, he was ambitious and took his first job working at a local independent seafood company. He would continue to work there throughout college whenever he was on a break. He studied architecture at the Boston Architectural Center and paid his way through school, working in pharmaceutical sales.

After graduation, Houston was invited back to Connecticut to work for the seafood company. He took the initiative to put his sales experience to the test by helping to rebuild the wholesale program and continued to work there until he was 30 years old.

Eventually, Houston moved to another fish market, Fish Tales Seafood Company, which ultimately evolved into a catering company. It was there that he met Eric and was introduced to Ideal Fish. Immediately, he was sold on the revolutionary idea that fish could be farmed sustainably on land in Connecticut.

Houston knew that Mother Nature was exhausted and outpaced by the rate of seafood consumption, and he knew that Ideal Fish had fantastic potential. He quickly hopped on board and took the job as Head of Sales. Houston enjoys that he also gets to help feed his local community.

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