Jim Cabot

Chief Investment Officer

Jim Cabot

Chief Investment Officer

Adventure has long been a part of Jim’s life. Even as a boy, he held a torch for wilderness conservation through participation in educational programs like Outward Bound. Growing up in Greenwich, Connecticut also allowed him to sail and fish with his family, fostering an admiration for water.

Jim took a fearless approach to life and abandoned the orthodox career trajectory. After accomplishing an impressive undergraduate degree in philosophy from Notre Dame, he spent several years as a legal assistant in Chicago, discerning his interest in the law. But instead, he ended up as a ski patroller in Aspen, eventually teaching sailing courses in Maine and working with Outward Bound, one of his first loves.

Bold and entrepreneurial, Jim arrived at Ideal Fish with an understanding of the massive potential. He had been working for the family’s office in Boston, a private investment firm, for 15 years and was ready for a new adventure, and he also believed strongly in the Outward Bound pillar of service tenet.

Jim seeks to positively reconfigure how the world conceptualizes the fishing industry, emphasizing sustainability within his role as the Chief Investment Officer. With his willingness to give back and teach others how to fish differently, he hopes to create a ripple effect of change.



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